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Listen to “Me & U” here:

director @temsbaby

ep / creative producer @yaro____
dp @ayindeanderson_
head of prod @matissephlip
prod manager / post producer @ebearcook
label producer @kayynicole__
supervising prod @tristantansu
creative assist @laurentlawson
movement director/choreographer:

prod company @northofnowfilms
local production @thelsproductions

ac olivier ludot
loader ariane vallin
phantom op david marie bernard coiffier
camera assist solal bismuth

edit @troycharbonnet
color @dantegiani
vfx @neokerz

stylist @dunsinwright
hair styling @nikkinelms
mua @lakesanu
bts @cliffordprinceking @betttencourt

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Fan made music video for "TEXAS HOLD 'EM” by Beyoncé.

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this is a fan made video, for entertainment purposes only.
all rights go to beyoncé and her team.
i earn nothing from this video.
don’t forget to buy and stream texas hold ‘em - beyoncé is country!


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Starring Abel Tesfaye, Madonna & Playboi Carti Directed by Cliqua Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Producers Alli Maxwell, Sally Campbell & Tim Nash Production Company Somesuch
ATL Producer Sara Lacombe XO Creative Director La Mar Taylor Management Melissa Mahood Styling Breaunna Trask

Maverick Entertainment Sara Zambreno
Playboi Carti Management Erin Larsen
Photography & BTS Gunner Stahl

Republic Records SVP Visual Content & Production Devon Libran SVP Marketing Marleny Reyes Director of Photography Ben Carey LDN Production Designer Sarah Asmail
NYC Production Designer Luke Carr LDN 1st AD Rawdon De Fresnes
NYC 1st AD Marc Kelly

Movement Director Megan Lawson
Madonna Visual Creative Ricardo Gomes
Madonna Stylist Rita Melssen
Madonna Tailor Samuel Ososki
Madonna Make-Up Wendi Miyake
Madonna Hair Andy Le Compte

Edited by Nick Rondeau @ Cabin Edit
Editorial Producer Esther Gonzalez Beauty & Online VFX @ Sunset Edit VFX EPs Nazeli Kodjoian & Kevin Filippini Colorist Dante Pasquinelli @ Ethos Color Producer Nat Tereshchenko

#TheWeeknd #Madonna #PlayboiCarti

Music video by The Weeknd, Playboi Carti, Madonna performing Popular. © 2024 The Weeknd XO, Inc., marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Watch the official video for Offset & Cardi B's "JEALOUSY"
Stream // Download Offset & Cardi B's "JEALOUSY" here:
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Offset Verse
Hating ass nigga cuz I got it out the mud
Hating in the family Nigga be ya own blood
Screaming Fuck 12 to the DA and the judge
Never been a dub
Never been a scrub
45 glock now , oh you want the judge
Better than who must be high on them drugs.
Cooling in the mansion with the bubbles in the tub
Heard you undercover you a bitch, you was a stud
Set, yes Nigga don’t try me
In a lamb, I be damned if a Nigga try me
Getting ham wit the fam man a nigga gotta eat
Shawty nothing I’ma bust ima trick for a treat
For I bought the lamb I was riding in a jeep
500 horses with a stick on a seat
Fuck that nigga he’ll fold when it’s heat
Go against the code for the dough boy you weak.
Go against the grain man you kno a nigga lame
Cartier frames I can see a nigga brain
Cartier bracelet it’s matching with the chain
Dirt up on my name man you niggas should be ashamed.
Knock off her boots
When I’m throwing up gang
Diamond fruit loops
In this watch and it’s plain
My dog got the juice
And I’m smoking propane
I’m gunning I run to the money Usain
Who talking Who telling Who Sang
IM selling prescription cocaine
She fuck with my pimping
My cane
I’m Micheal I’m not no Jermaine.
Jealousy that shit gon eat yo heart out
It’s a AR sawed off we’ll slow your squad out.
it’s the beast you brought out
It’s a feast we ball out
I’ll eat ya heart out
I’ll pull ya card out
It’s simple, put wholes in his face like it’s dimples
New Kimbo new bop bop bop bop make it limp him
He play with me blowing me rising my temper
I got millions of racks in my mansion my temple
I’m gangsta but wit yo bitch I get gentle
Wanksta, take out yo teeth like it’s dentures
I’m blanking , you eat this glock I’m Mrs winners.
Cardi Talking
“What the fuck these bitches talking bout man, I mean.... Who’s telling us what?!”
Cardi Verse
Ain’t no bitch Finna front on me
Bad body bitch with the jumbo teeth
Yellow Lamborghini like a bumblebee
Girl nobody listen to you unless you talking bout me
It’s always a bird tryna tweet shit
You offended when I be on defense
They too worried bout me and my nigga
You should worry bout that nigga yours sleep with
Face is given and never not gave
Been to Atlanta but bitches ain’t brave
How bitches mad I’m the number 1 pick
It’s funny your nigga the one that’s a trade
Bitches is mad stupid they get to the bag and lose it
I’m still in the bed I live on head
Water n Gas included
Bitches don’t wanna go birkin for birkin
Bitches ain’t got enough hits for verzuz
Bitches be acting so different in person
Cartier frames I can see why she nervous
This shit is a circus
I’m dipped in detergent
I’m sick get the nurses
My whip got the curtains
I’m dripped out in Hermes
A bitch say my name then she number 1 trending
I did you a service bitch
Like huh
“Man what the fuck these hoes talking bout hold on hold on hold on”
Look let’s keep it bean let’s keep it a buck
If I had a dick it need to be sucked
All of my opps is running they jibs
Stomach too big it need to be tucked
All of that crying be keeping me up
When Bardi’s around they see me and duck
When I make a post I’m leaving it up
They came from the hood but they leave in the trunk bitch

Music video by Offset, Cardi B performing JEALOUSY. Motown Records; © 2023 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Lil Uzi Vert - Red Moon
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‘Rangreza’ Official Music Video is out now!

"Rangreza" transport you into a world of romance, friendship and teaches us to be the one who fixes things in a relationship.

🎶 Get ready to fall in love all over again with the enchanting melody of "Rangreza"! 🎶

Produced by Amlan Khanikar (KO Talents)
Featuring Anurag Dobhal & KhanZaadi

Audio Credits:
Singer - Mizajii, Mufeed, KhanZaadi (KayZ)
Music Produced by : Paartho Ghosh
Mixed and Mastered by : Paartho Ghosh
Recorded at : Studio Anashte
Lyrics - Mizajii, KhanZaadi,Dushyant
Composer - Mufeed, Mizajii, KhanZaadi, Dushyant Bhatli

Special Thanks - Dushyant Bhatli

Video Credits:

Director and Dop - Maan Boruah
Assistant Director - Paras Kumar
Assistant DOP - Rohan Anton Pawar
Styling - Prerna Sharma
Makeup - Khyati Negi
Line Producer - Paras Kumar
Art - Abinash Boruah
Hairstylist - Kaasim
Post production - Last slice
Edited by - Maan Boruah and Rohan Anton Pawar
DI : Sameer ganjawala
Focus Puller - Rakesh
Gaffer - Kamal
Attendants - Ram, Hari, Munna, Hussain,
Production runner - Sarvar


Anurag Dobhal:


Mizaji -

Mufeed -

Parth -

Amlan Khanikar:

Director & Dop : Maan Boruah

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​For Business And Collaboration
Peace xdxdxdxdxd.....

What do i use to film?
​Canon 80D -​​​​​​​​
​Canon Lens 10-18 mm -​​​​​​​​
​Sony A7III -​​​​​​​​
​Sony Lens Sigma 16mm -​​​​​​​​
​Sony Lens Sigma 50mm -​​​​​​​​
​Rode Micro -​​​​​​​​
​Ring Light with Silver Light Stand Lighting Kit Dimmable 42W 3200-5600K -​​​​​​​​
​One Plus 6t -​​​​​​​​
​Gorilla pod -​​​​​​​​
​Wired headphones-​​​​​​​​
​KTM Accessories -​​​​​​​​

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Executive Producers: Viva Records Corp & G Productions

Directed by NAKI & y.stacey

Offline Editors: Reika, y.stacey
Online, 3D & VFX Editor: y.stacey
D.O.P: Sean Amador
D.O.P Assistant: Miguel Lapidez, Joshua Navarro
Lights, Rental, and Grip: D-Cam Rentals
Production Assistants (WAYBETTR): Issa Hagoriles, Marrinella Pagsisihan, Jhake Quimson
BTS: Kevin Romero, Oliver Quimson, Trypod Studios

Production Designer: Jezziekha Alviz
Art Director: Lemuel Javier
Setmen: Michael Fulgar, Tagumpay Bondoc, Raymond Lucas, Ishrael Marto, Erwin Galang
John Patrick Nicodemus, Nerville Peñalosa, Jeffrey Gabito
Art Department Driver: Johnny Mariano

Pull Outs: .ARCHIVES
Addt. Styling: Ellis Co
Assets: “SPACESHIP - CB1” by Kerem Kavalci

Handler: Bea Charlyn Laiño
Choreographer: Jay Joseph Roncesvalles

Chris Daniel Vino, Joshua Marabillas, Klaira Maika Casim, Richel Kay Arellano

Senior Road Manager: Caryl Ann Paraico
Junior Road Manager: James Sambayon
Head Stylists: Em Millan, Rain Dagala
Assistant Stylist: Rioliza Bravo
Makeup Artist: Aimee Grey
Hair Stylist: Jun Jun Parcer

Handler: Chai Garcia
Road Manager: Chloie Blacer
Make-up Artist: Gela Laurel
Hair Stylist: Raymond Santiago
Styling: Liz Uy Styling Co.
Nails: Extraordinails

Head of Digital Accounts: Marion Lagman
Content Producers: Danrebb Sioson, Chantel Ang, Jeanina Buenaventura

Oomph PH: Juan Miguel Parfan
Production House: WAYBETTR
Label: Viva Records / G Productions

Performed by: Sarah Geronimo & Billy Crawford
Composed by: Jin Chan, Billy Crawford, Sarah Geronimo, Carl Angelo
Produced by: Jin Chan, Carl Angelo, Saint
Mastered by: Jan Fuertez
Recorded by: Jin Chan
Production House: WAYBETTR
Published by: Viva Music Publishing, Inc.


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The official video for Megan Thee Stallion's "HISS" - OUT NOW!

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Text Megan Thee Stallion:
(832) 210-1202

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#MeganTheeStallion #HISS #OfficialVideo

I just want to kick this shit off by saying fuck y’all
I don’t have to clear my name on a motherfuckin thang
Everytime I get mentioned one of y’all bitch ass niggas get 24 hours of attention
I’m finna get this shit off my chest to lay it to rest
Let’s go

I feel like Mariah Carey
got these niggas so obsessed
my pussy so famous might get managed by Kris Jenner next
he can’t move on can’t let it go
he hooked nose full of that Tina snow
and since niggas need Megan help to make money bitch come be my hoe
all of you bitches is weak on the Bible talking shit from where no one can find you
I could never be judged by a bitch that was dancing making R. Kelly go viral
im sexy af and I’m freaky get who ever I want ini mini why the fuck would I stay with a nigga that’s weak In the
sheets and don’t know how to please me
bodies on bodies on bodies on bodies
say he fucked Megan and now he the topic
these niggas thinking they lowered the value
all this free promo I’m turning a profit
hate when a nigga be kissing and telling
say he a playa but he in his feelings
bet I won’t give up the pussy again shit should’ve gave it to his friend
These hoes don’t be mad at Megan these hoes mad at Megan’s law
I don’t really know what the problem is but I guarantee yall don’t want me to start
bitch you a pussy never finna check me every chance you get bet yo weak ass won’t
address me
bitches swear the G but the G must stand for Goofy
when the fuck did all the gangster niggas turn to groupies
every body wanna kick it when you ain’t a threat these niggas don’t like me cause they
know I’m on they neck

Y’all goofy ass hoes look so dumb every time y’all celebrate fake news, ha! Using my name for likes and views, I don’t give a fuck what y’all make trend, bitch I still win

Nigga ain’t you hear ? I ain’t scared of dick
any man go against me I handle shit
I’m the Teflon don in the court room
they be throwing that dirt don’t shit stick
all these lil rap niggas so fraud Xanax be they hardest bars
these niggas hate on BBLS and be walking around with the same scars ,
real curvy no etching niggas fight to get in my section
don’t speak on my body count is the dick ain’t worth coming back for seconds,
cosplay gangsters fake ass accents posted in another nigga hood like a bad bitch
ima big dog bitch can’t lil sis me hoes get views when they tryna diss me
make one move gottem in a tizzy killing shit that’s why they tryna RIP me
still going hard with the odds against me these niggas don’t have fans they bots these
bitches don’t have ass they shots and they still tuned in if they fans or not
allegations from the opposition bitch niggas just eating it up these blogs get paid to lie yall
talk shit and be broke as fuck
bottom line is I’m still rich do Megan bad and I’m still good bringing up who might’ve
fucked and the bottom line is they still would
I just wanna fuck my nigga In peace but all my old niggas still love me niggas ain’t hit this
pussy in years damn I knew my shit was heat
none of you niggas was wifey material none of you niggas was worth all the drama none of
you niggas was hitting it raw and mad I’m not one of yo baby mamas always got my
ass out always let my titties show when I’m in the gym I think about bitches that I’m
shitting on I’m way too fucking cocky to take him back if he been cheating I can’t let none
of you raggedy bitches think that yall my equal every since I claimed the summer all you
bitches want a season ask a hoe why she don’t like me bet she can’t give you a reason
you know motherfucking well these bitches wanna sound like Tina don’t you ever grab a mic and think that me and you competing

bad bitch and the walls ain’t bending post photo
name, start trending why every time one of y’all z list goes do an interview I get
mentioned? Ion give a fuck who think what you niggas is typing for nothing on the internet
typing that shit to me write him a letter or something

Say bitch ass nigga don’t type me nothing else, don’t write me nothing else, download j pay since y’all
niggas got so much to say or schedule a conjugal visit or something. Ha Ha! Dick riding ass niggas

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Listen to 'Training Season' now:

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Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Vincent Haycock
Director of Photography: Rina Yang
Producer: Whitney Jackson
UK Executive Producer: Tash Tan
US Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell
UK Head of Production: Georgina Fillmore
Director MV Rep: Alexa Haywood
Commissioner: Theresa Adebiyi

Warner Marketing Director: Lottie Llewellyn
Management: Radical22
Manager: Dugi Lipa
Day-to-day Manager: Sofia Gold
Marketing Director: Joel Quartey
Producer: Pete Abbott
EA: Maisy Nicholson
PA: Olivia Moss

Production Supervisor: Meredith Kurey
Production Coordinator: Emily Shulmanovich
1st AD: Kenny Taylor
2nd AD: Ryan Bremond
2nd 2nd AD: Codi Veal

BTS: Benji Gershon
BTS Stills: Elizabeth Miranda
BTS Motion: Aysia Marotta

1st AC: Matt Brewer
2nd AC: James Jermyn
Lead Tech: Chris Dickson
CLT: Warren Purfoy
Key Grip: Rudy Covarrubias
Editor: Vincent Haycock
Editor Assistant: Julie Levy
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli
VFX Company: Goldenchild
Sound: Tom Paolantonio

Artist Choreographer: Charm La'Donna
Artist Choreographer Assist: Sharon June
Artist Styling : Lorenzo Possoco
Artist Styling Assist: Rae Hayden
Artist Hair: Peter Lux
Artist Makeup: Sam Visser
Beauty: Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick - Shade #4 YSL Beauty
Stand In: Samantha Grover
Artist Nail Tech: Kim Truong

Production Designer: Christian Stone
Art Coordinator: Christopher Steidle
Assistant Art Coordinator: Elie - Kaya Stone
Assistant Art Director: Kyle Kinsella
Stunt Rigger: Buddy Sosthand
Stunt Rigger: Jayson Dumenigo, Jayson Dumenigo
Cast Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Cast Choreographer Assist: Ryan Spencer

Key Costumer: Natasha Newman-Thomas
1st Assistant Costumer: Peyton Regan
Key Hair: Tilomai Hill
1st Hair: Stacy Gonzalez
Key Makeup: Lisa Dempsey
1st Makeup: Julie Hassett

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Listen to "Okay (ft. Lil Baby)" out now:

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Director: Kid Art
Production Co: Chariot Pictures
Executive Producers: Cartier Brown and Andrew Goor

She wanna ride with the star
Ended up dropping my top, ok
My ex told me she needed space
I guess we both going to Mars, ok
I cannot forget the base
I’m taking my mop on my dates, ok
Just look at the look on they faces
They wanna jump in my place, ok
Told shorty she was the one
But I’m taking her friends out to Tan, ok
I told ‘em to load up the dock
But they wanna ride in my Benz, ok
One of one this a new Cullinan
No telling when I’m a stand, ok
Ain’t counting no more dubs again
Only fucking with the Benjamin’s, ok

Straight off of plane to these racks
We gon’ stunt to the vibes
And we gon’ keep it going let’s go
I through a fit in Rick Owens, ok
Momma the shit and she know how she be
Ain’t just talking I got it for sure I don’t play
Send a boarding pass when she get bored, come play
Come hop in the Urus we touring you
Keep it low they know that it’s roaring
Went ceramic the Audemar blue 6v
They ain’t brought em out yet these the new ones
Having motion don’t ask what I’m doing
Tryna see if she pretty she going
Haters hate, that’s their job they gonna do it
I wear white Air Force Ones the Louie
Tell a bitch she fumble she blew it
Bro ain’t do it if the lawyer don’t prove it
She delusional making up shit in her head and believing it

She wanna ride with the star
Ended up dropping my top, ok
My ex told me she needed space
I guess we both going to Mars, ok
I cannot forget the base
I’m taking my mop on my dates, ok
Just look at the look on they faces
They wanna jump in my place, ok
Told shorty she was the one
But I’m taking her friends out to Tan, ok
I told ‘em to load up the dock
But they wanna ride in my Benz, ok
One of one this a new Cullinan
No telling when I’m a stand, ok
Ain’t counting no more dubs again
Only fucking with the Benjamin’s, ok

Made 100 mill and took over the street
With no sponsor man
Coming through customs
Flying through cali
They checking the jet for the contraband
Brought out the coupe
Shorty got grouped out
Told lil bitch to stay off the Gram
Don’t be the first to get hit with that drako
Soulja boy or that Aubrey Graham, don’t be playing
She holla at the moon I be barking
I am a goon she a goblin
Coke Boy like loon up in Harlem
Ramadan but we ain’t starving
Came out the mud on my own
That’s word to Rick I don’t owe ‘em
Shoot your shooter out his zone
So rich they think I got clone

She wanna ride with the star
Ended up dropping my top, ok
My ex told me she needed space
I guess we both going to Mars, ok
I cannot forget the base
I’m taking my mop on my dates, ok
Just look at the look on they faces
They wanna jump in my place, ok
Told shorty she was the one
But I’m taking her friends out to Tan, ok
I told ‘em to load up the dock
But they wanna ride in my Benz, ok
One of one this a new Cullinan
No telling when I’m a stand, ok
Ain’t counting no more dubs again
Only fucking with the Benjamin’s, ok

#FrenchMontana #LilBaby

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Stream Sprinter:


Produced by Jo Caleb + Jonny Leslie
Additional Production by Jim Legxacy, TR, Kyle Evans + Santan

Monaco Crew:

1st AC: Lionel FORNINI @bledstarz
2nd AC: Julie LE NÖEL @julialenoel
DIT: Kim CAO @kimcaoimage

Location manager: Philippe KERISIT @phil_krst
Driver/Runner: Sebastien CAUSSE @sebastiencausse1
Driver/Runner: Athénaïs BERTOLI @athenais.brtl
Driver Runner: Dejan TRAKOV @dejan_tkv
Yacht: QUINTA ESSENTIA @yachtquintaessentia
Yacht Event Producer:  Tom CLAEREN @tomclaeren
Event Partner:  LILLY’S CLUB @lillysclub
Logistic:  MM PRIVATE CLUB @mmprivateclub

UK Production:

Editor: Ollie Paxton
Grade: Alexandre Nerzic @ Creative Outpost
Additional Footage: Orazio

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Follow Dave:

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The new single "Can't Get Enough" featuring Latto is out now!

This is Me... Now’ is available now:

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Snapchat: @JLOBTS

Watch more from ‘This Is Me…Now:

I just wanna
I just feel like ooh
Everytime I see ya
I just ooh hey

I feel like startin’ something
You got my engine runnin’
You got the keys to turn me on and on
You got me acceleratin’ I want to celebrate it
Can’t nothing take me out my zone
It’s on

When it feels right nothing else matters
Is this real life too good to be true
Take me all night
I can feel the passion
In your eyes
I’m still in love with you

You know I can’t get enough
I love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
You love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
Give me all that shit
Can’t get enough
You know I can’t get enough
I love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
You love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
Give me all that shit
Can’t get enough of you
I’m still in love
With you boy

I just wanna
I just feel like
Everytime I see ya
It’s like oh hey

Big Latto

Call the doctor, I don’t see nobody but you
Do I still love you, baby? Is the sky blue?
Spoil a bitch down and he faithful to me too
You know you the reason why they hatin on me boo
Can’t get enough, like let me get some more
You know when it come to me
He love to do the most
I ain’t scared of ghosts
He bought me one of those
Keep ‘em out our business
I ain’t tryna post
Like is it too good to be true?
Ha, he romantic but street too, ha
Drop a bag on a, what
Put them m’s on my ass like evisu
Yuh, I love that shit,
Throwin up gang so they know I’m his bitch
That’s boo daddy, he do anything to keep his boo happy

‘Cuz bae it feels like
Nothing else matters
Is this real life
Too good to be true
Take me all night
I can feel the passion
In your eyes
I’m still in love with you

You know I can’t get enough
I love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
You love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
Give me all that shit
Can’t get enough
You know I can’t get enough
I love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
You love that shit
You know I can’t get enough
Give me all that shit
Can’t get enough of you
I’m still in love
With you boy
I’m still in love
With you boy
I can’t get enough of you

It’s the way you love me
The way you touch me
It’s the way look at me
Can’t get enough
Of you boy

#CantGetEnough #JenniferLopez #Latto #Pop #HipHop

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Kizz Daniel "10 Years On Stage" Concert in London May 6th! Buy Tickets Here -

Listen to the single “Twe Twe". Out Now!

#KizzDaniel #Davido #EMPIRE

Official Video by Kizz Daniel & Davido - "Twe Twe" © 2024 FlyBoy INC / EMPIRE

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Get Ready to Feel the Vibe with Them. Presenting the Song “Gallan” From the Film "Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya". Starring Shahid Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Dharmendra and Dimple Kapadia.

#ShahidKapoor #KritiSanon #Gallan #TeriBaatonMeinAisaUljhaJiya

♪Full Song Available on♪
Apple Music:
Amazon Prime Music:
YouTube Music:

Song Credits:
Song: Gallan
Music: Talwiinder, MC SQUARE, NDS
Lyricist: Talwiinder & MC SQUARE
Singers: Talwiinder & MC SQUARE
Mixing & Mastering: NDS, Eric Pillai and Andy Pillai at Future Sound of Bombay
Director Of Choreography: Vijay Ganguly
DOP: Jishnu Bhattacharjee
Music Label: T-Series

Film Credits
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Dharmendra, Dimple Kapadia
Directed By: Amit Joshi & Aradhana Sah
Produced By: Dinesh Vijan
Produced By: Jyoti Deshpande
Produced By: Laxman Utekar
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue By: Amit Joshi & Aradhana Sah
Music: Tanishk Bagchi, Sachin–Jigar, Mitraz
Director Of Photography: Laxman Utekar
Co-Producer: Sharada Karki Jalota & Pooja Prem Patheja
Production Design: Mayur Sharma
Editor: Manish Pradhan
Chief Assistant Director: Sunil Shekhar Shetty
Executive Producer: Sanjeev Mishra
Costume Designer: Anisha Jain (Shahid Kapoor) & Tia Raju Mampilly
Costume Designer: Sukriti Grover (Kriti Sanon),
Sound Designer: Sanal George
Background Score: Sachin - Jigar
Music On: T-series
Post Production: The Post Co.
Casting: Vaibhav Vishant
VFX: Redefine

Download Song Beat:

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UMYO Video
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NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 7 (Official Music Video)

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I was missin in action like Chrisean tooth Back letting loose like a nigga had to point Imma god in Memphis who bigger than me The shit that they did I did at 16
He flexing his money we know that he broke Dick in her mouth NLE throat coat
He pressed bout a girl that’s fucking the city He tender we call him diddy
Choppa so big knock the weight off biggie I’m some like pussy this shit a get sticky Got me in that mode ion plan on glitching I’m back, nigga like I had an addiction
Dropped him Lego
He couldn’t take those Switches and dracos Shooters on payroll
Nigga don’t won’t no smoke they snoop dog We show up to yo door like uhaul
Lil nigga with a pistol stand tall
Quick to pop a nigga ass like a Adderall
Shaking the spot like a ass or some
Lil bruh sped he crash for none
Walk out the house with a mask and gun Better hold yo breath like a asthma pump
I move like the pope
100 some shots inna ghost
Better think twice don’t approach No regular Glocks
Know that it came with a box
We stepping like shoes and socks
One of the realest how can you not mention we slid out a civic now rolls Royce whippin She sucking and spitting double jerking twisting killing my kids like abortion clinics
Take some from who he line man
Nigga don’t feel like dying man
Cook em like grease in a frying pan
We don kilt mo niggas then the klansman
Kkk got ks on ks wanna fuck Kim k and make Kanye watch
Aye bay bay in the club with a drake gen 5 Glock Going down like joc
100 shots inna whip it was shot o’clock
He can run from Nigga but not from this Glock Don’t ask me if it’s one up top
That’s like asking Floyd Mayweather do he box
Walk down on his cat
9 lives he cap
Put his head in his lap we dicked em
Make the choppa clap
Make it sound like a rapper Imma hit this bitch with a rhyme
My dog sick em
Condition critical
Suspect nigga weon never been a victim 7.62 trip em
If I don’t got em tevo a get em
I might just O fuck that percs killing Slow fuck that, if I see his hoe Fuck That, last shotta flow fuck that


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Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Ocean Spray. © 2023 CMG/N-Less/Interscope Records

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The official video for Megan Thee Stallion's "Cobra" - OUT NOW!

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