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Can we get a Bluey live stream?! AH CAN WE GET A BLUEY LIVE STREAM?! YES! FOR REAL LIFE! Watch Bluey full episodes LIVE!

Bluey is an inexhaustible six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who loves to play and turns everyday family life into playful adventures! With her boundless imagination, she and little sister, Bingo, throw themselves into exploring their world. While Mum and Dad might think they're in charge, the girls are definitely calling the shots when it comes to playtime - and pretty much everything else!

Available on Disney Junior and Disney+.

Bluey Episodes -
Keepy Uppy
Bluey, Bingo and Mum are enjoying a game of Keepy-Uppy around the house with their last balloon, when Dad joins in and the game becomes the ultimate test of skill.

Magic Xylophone
Bluey and Bingo have a magic xylophone that can freeze Dad in space and time. However, Dad gains control and freezes Bluey instead.

On a picnic in the park, Bluey and her friends play Shadowlands. But when Coco keeps taking shortcuts, Bluey has to show her that following the rules can make the game more fun.

Dance Mode
Dad eats Bingo's last chip and as payback, Bingo has three 'dance mode' wishes to use at will.

As Mum finishes reading bedtime stories to Bingo and kisses her goodnight, Bingo tells Mum tomorrow morning she will be waking up in her own bed.

Verandah Santa
It's Christmas and Bluey is very focused on being good to get more presents. But when a game of Verandah Santa leaves cousin Socks upset, Bluey must learn the virtue of kindness.

Duck Cake
Bluey wants to help Dad make Bingo's birthday cake, but first she must put away her toys. But nothing can tempt her to clean up, until Dad drops the cake.

The Quiet Game
Bluey and Bingo are playing The Quiet Game and won't use words to tell Dad which toy to buy. At his wits end, Dad recruits new store clerk Alfie to help interpret the miming.

The Doctor
Honey is stuck waiting for Dr. Bingo as the other, more exciting injuries get seen before her. Receptionist Bluey tells her to be patient, some of these cases are a real pickle!

Rug Island
Bluey and Bingo are living on a desert island in the back garden when they discover Dad washed up on the beach.

The Heelers play a game of 'Bus' with Dad as the driver, Mum as a regular passenger and Bluey and Bingo as...the Grannies!

Road Trip
Mum helps Bluey and Bingo find ways to entertain themselves on a family road trip, while Dad tries to stay ahead of the grey nomad convoy or risk camping near the toilets.

Dad tells Bluey and Bingo a real-life fairy tale about growing up in a wild place called the 80s, about a boy who was cursed when he was mean to his little brother.

Obstacle Course
Mum sets up a backyard obstacle course just for fun, but Dad wants to race! Now the kids are determined to win by any means necessary.

Bluey and Bingo want to play restaurant with Grandad, but it's a little different than he's used to... he's going to need an app to order the food!

Dad agrees to take Bluey and Bingo to the shops to buy ice cream if they can get him into the car. Only problem is... he's just entered 'Ragdoll' mode!

Curry Quest
When they go on a curry swap to Mackenzie's house through the park, Bingo and Dad must brave a swooping magpie protecting its nest.

Born Yesterday
Dad pretends he was born yesterday. Bluey and Bingo have to guide him through his second day on Earth, especially when he discovers food is delicious and steals Lucky's Dad's pie.

Watch Bluey on Disney Junior! And check out more Bluey videos here:

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FTV Film TV MNCTV Tongkat Dan Seruling Ajaib

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I got to interview Renee Paquette! This was an interview that I had on my dream bucket list for such a long time and it finally happened! I reached out to Renee on Twitter and she was beyond AWESOME to say ‘yes’ to me! So in this very fun, relaxed and entertaining interview we chatted about so much! I think you will learn so much about Renee in this interview! #ReneePaquette

0:00 - Intro/Baby Updates
12:59 - Cookbook/Food
25:21 - Movies & TV
38:36 - Taylor Swift & Music
46:51 - Lighting Round/ End


BABY Talk --- Renee shares her reaction to getting pregnant, what she’s most excited for, Jon Moxley’s reaction, the way the news was revealed on AEW Dynamite, and more!

COOKBOOK (Messy In The Kitchen)--- Renee talks about her upcoming cookbook, her favorite recipes, the process of creating the book, her favorite types of foods, whether or not she dips her pizza in ranch, weird foods she loves and more!

MOVIES & TV -- Renee shares her favorite TV shows and movies, she talks about which show she’s currently watching and what her all-time favorites are. We also talk about Lifetime movies!

TAYLOR SWIFT-- Renee and I fangirl over Taylor Swift. She shares her favorite songs, why she’s a fan of Taylor’s and her favorite album. We also talk about Taylor Swift’s announcement that’s she releasing a new album, titled , Evermore.

LIGHTNING ROUND Q&A --- Renee plays the lightning round game with me in which she answers 10 random questions about herself. In this very fun game we find out some very interesting things!

Renee Paquette Talks Baby Updates, Cookbook, Movies, TV, Taylor Swift, Music & MORE! (Interview)












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Not that song again! Couldn't they have used something else? Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 overused songs in movies and TV. Check us out at, and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

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🎬 Show | Henry Danger

🎼 Song | Izzamusic - Shootout

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Every right of the song belong to the owners.

I dont own the rights:
Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
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Hello !!
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This is the official FRIENDS channel! Stay up to date on the funniest, sweetest, and most awkward moments from all 10 seasons!

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Once you've connected online and joined the PlayStation®Network, your PlayStation®3 gives you access to an incredible library of blockbuster movies to rent or buy, in standard or high definition. You'll even be able to buy the latest and greatest TV shows to download and store on your PS3's built in hard drive

This guide will:
- Show you how to access and navigate the movie and TV sections on the PlayStation Store
- Highlight the choices you have when renting or buying a movie
- Explain the rental period of the PlayStation Store
- Demonstrate how to rent or buy movies/TV shows and access them on your PS3.

Don't forget to check out some of the other video guides in the series to learn how to use PS3's many other entertainment options - including a range of on-demand music services that offer you access to an almost unlimited supply of music.

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